InnerPEAK by AHMDigital. Everyone has a story — a life-changing event or experience that defines that person and that moves us. We love hearing those stories, and we want to share them. In this series, we share stories of people we know who have some great experiences and messages. We hope you enjoy and learn about these fascinating people. If you or someone you know might be interested in being interviewed so we can share another story, please let us know. Stay tuned for the great stories to come!

InnerPEAK - Melissa Hill

Melissa Hill video thumbnail

Meet Melissa Hill, from Eastern Kanawha County, she early on saw education as the keys to her success. After securing her degree she moved on in various roles in government…

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InnerPEAK - Truman Chafin

Meet Harry Truman Chafin, attorney and former long-standing WV State Senator. Love for his community and his constituents were the hallmark of his long career. A very successful trial lawyer,…

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InnerPEAK - Tim Bailey

Our founder, Harry Bell, has practiced law for over 39 years. He’s come across some special people and Tim Bailey is one of those. From growing up in Man, WV,…

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InnerPEAK - Tony Paranzino

Meet Anthony Parazino, better known as Tony the Tailor. A premier master tailor and menswear consultant, he’s seen retail across the country change. A master of the men’s store experience…

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InnerPEAK - Nicolas Rothenberg

nicholas rothenberg video thumbnail

Nicolas Rothenberg is a non-native West Virginian but has learned to love WV. From a career in NYC in the broadcasting industry, to coming to WV as a news producer…

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InnerPEAK - Jasper Elberink


Get to learn about a Dutch immigrant to WV. Jasper Elberink whose love of people and German engineering has combined to lead Audi sales in WV for Astorg Audi. Solid…

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InnerPEAK - Kathy Chesley

Get to meet the amazing energy of Kathy Chesley. A native of WV who went to college out of state and returned. From starting out in IT to working…

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InnerPEAK - Julia Gonzales

What a fun story. Meet Julia Gonzales who went from a career in accounting working for a DC law firm and her family’s construction business to coming home to WV.

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InnerPEAK - Barbara Murray

Barbara Murray has had an incredible journey. Since graduating from George Washington HS in Charleston WV, she’s gone from Clown College in Florida to owning and operating one of WV’s…

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InnerPEAK - Elliot Hicks

Get to know life long Charleston WV resident Elliot Hicks, learning about inspirations growing up as an African American which lead to his distinguished career in law and…

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InnerPEAK - Caitlin Cook

caitlin cook video thumbnail

Get to meet one of the new millennials in government as Caitlin is one of the youngest at large city council members elected in the capital city. After going out…

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InnerPEAK - Nichole Greene

 Always energetic and engaging, learn about Nichole Green who came back to her WV home after college and serving as Miss West Virginia to bring her enthusiasm and love for…

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InnerPEAK - Harry Bell

One of the original founders and idea behind and now owner, he shares some insights on law, people and business. From a long career in law to angel…

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